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Legit Businesses that Hire You to Work From Home!!

Here is a list of companies that offer legit at home jobs and contract positions that hire often. Some of the jobs may be home based. If you know of a company that is not listed, please email me.

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Interested in a business? Find a list of questions to ask while researching!

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 Tips for applying for a job:

  • Remember, finding a job online is no different than the real job market. It is competitive and won't happen overnight.
  • Give yourself time. I was hired for a job in November I had applied for in April. Many factors may fall into play such as positions coming open.
  • Never pay for a job. If they are hiring you, they will cover all processing, background checks, and training.
  • Remember: an Independent Contractor position is different from a job.
  • Some opportunities will require certain equipment, like phone lines, a fax machine, high speed internet, etc.
  • Make sure your resume is up to speed and looks good. This will be your first contact with them.
  • Take it seriously. tYpoS wil not lok goood. Act like you want the job. You are doing them a favor by being qualified. A bad resume makes you look desperate.
  • If you are being interviewed, find someone to watch your kids.
  • Understand that some jobs require 100% quiet, so you can not work with your kids at home.
  • Working from home may not give you the flexibility you want. Some jobs require scheduled hours.
  • If a job asks for money up front, always do research before sending money. is a great board to ask questions on.


Typing Tests:

Many jobs require you to be able to type both quickly and accurately. If you are unsure of your typing speed and accuracy, can help you prepare for any tests you may be asked to take.


7/14/07:  Find over 100 resources on Passion to Success!

Art/Graphic Design Coding Computer / Technology related Courthouse Research Customer Service Data Entry Freelance Work Medical Billing / Claims Merchandising Jobs On Call Nurses Phone jobs / Inbound / Telemarketing / Outbound Programmers & Web Developers Proofreading Research Teaching/Tutoring Telecommutting (Jobs Vary) Transcription Services Virtual Assistant / Cyber Secretaries Writing & Editing jobs Pocket Money and Free Stuff Submissions (places to submit your work) Other Resources (Job Leads and Helpful websites!)

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Freelance work.


Apex Documents 
They provide business solutions including coding.


Cypher Services

Cypher Services, Inc. is seeking highly motivated, detail-oriented individuals who would like to work from their homes as Independent Contractors. Each Independent Contractor must have an IBM-compatible computer, high-speed Internet connection, printer, and at least one year experience in the legal industry or field.

Note: Legal experience helpful, but not required.
*Work is not steady.


Google Quality Ad Rater


  • A high-speed internet connection.
  • Excellent web research skills and analytical abilities.
  • Excellent written communication skills.
  • Valid U.S. or Canadian work authorization


    Radiant has career opportunities within the technology arena including positions in product development, consulting services, client management, and corporate services.

    Some jobs are telecommuting positions or may become telecommuting positions. Area/city specific.
    Full time jobs.


    AMD Research

    *Hiring in many states:
    *You need to have a pc which you can download their software on to enter the records.


    Wolfgang Research

    Hires in:

    Kentucky, Lousiana, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming



    Part time customer service jobs.
    Location specific.
    Office requirements including phone line, Windows, headset and more.


    Customer Loyalty Concepts

    Currently hires in: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia , Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas,  and Virginia.


    Pop A Lock

    Remote Dispatcher
    Work from home. Dispatch Pop-A-Lock service calls to employees in the field. Must have excellent communication, spelling, and listening skills. Experience in customer service required.

    Pay: Per Call


    VIP Desk

    Customer service and concierge jobs. May be location specific.


    Axion Data Entry

    All data entry operators work from home and are independent contractors. Contractors provide their own computer equipment and software, pay their own taxes, and bill Axion for the work performed.


    • Use Windows Explorer, including: create new folders; copy, move, rename and delete files and folders; and minimize, maximize and restore a window
    • Install and run new software on your computer
    • Remove software from your computer
    • Send and receive e-mail, including attachments
    • Use the Internet


    Dion Data Services


    *Must type at least 55 wpm with accuracy.
    *Computer Skills including internet, e-mail, e-mail attachments, downloading and uploading files.
    *Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
    *Good verbal and written communication skills.


    *Home Desktop Computer (Dual monitor/computers a plus)
    *Stable Internet Connection (Cable or DSL a plus)


    Great American Fundraising

    To apply, send a resume to:

    You will be asked to test. There is may be a waiting list, but go ahead and apply.


    Working Solutions

    Working Solutions™ utilizes highly educated and trained professionals who have great communication and multi-lingual skills. Our Agents OnDemand™ have knowledge of specific products and industries allowing them to ramp up quickly to meet specific business needs. See the list below to learn more about becoming an Agent. 


    If you are a freelancer, here is a resource for finding and bidding on work.

    • Websites
    • Design
    • Writing
    • Programming
    • Business Consulting
    • Other services (like admin and legal)


    Get a Freelancer

    Bid on jobs!

    We can help you find freelance programmers, Web Designers and Copywriters. Outsource projects to India, Romania, Ukraine or any other country.Find out why we have thousands of successfully outsourced projects. Post your project today! We can offer freelance programmers, interpreters and graphic designers the ability to work independently. As a freelancer you can choose among hundreds of outsourced projects. Join free and pay only a small commission.



    A large database of projects for just about every profession you can think of!

    From their website: "Through our free service, employers find top freelance and contract talent locally, nationally, or globally."



    "If you are a medical professional, underwriter, claims examiner, or have customer relations and administrative skills and are interested in learning more about how to become a Requirements Retrieval Specialist or a Risk Management Specialist we would look forward to hearing from you."


    American Greetings

    Merchandising for greeting cards.


    Archway Merchandising

    From website:  Basic Duties
    The part-time e-merchandiser is responsible for correctly and successfully completing all merchandising plans on a regular basis. This includes servicing stores as assigned on the scheduled date and reporting the store visits on the same day. Plan assignments may support any of the following retailers: mass merchandisers, speciality stores, drug chains, home stores, dollar stores, grocery, or other retailers. Plan tasks may include: resets, updates, cut-ins, audits, unit integrity updates, display and fixture set-up, seasonal merchandising, stocking and replenishment, order placement, and basic ongoing service of key accounts. Depending on the plan, you may be asked to complete one or more of these tasks.


    BDS Marketing

    --1-2 years of prior Merchandising experience
    --Candidates must possess some retail sales background (two years preferred).
    --Must have a computer with internet/web access and the ability to send and receive email attachments.
    --Reliable Transportation a Must!


    Certified Marketing Services

    • Merchandising
    • Theatre checks
    • Mystery Shopping



    Search jobs.


    Market Source

    Search the job database.



    Part time, Seasonal and Full Time (may involve travel).



    Merchandising is a home-based job. Often the hours are flexible.

    From website: As a Retail Merchandiser, you will be responsible and accountable for completing assigned in-store merchandising activities to meet or exceed the customer's expectations. You will record and communicate required data regarding the execution of work and will represent Procter & Gamble at store level. Retail Merchandisers typically work 15-24 hours per week. There is no guarantee of hours, specific days and hours are determined on an individual basis based on the needs of the work in that area.


    Procter & Gamble

    You will need to search the job listings.


    WIS International

    Involves early morning or evening hours.



    You must be a nurse with experience in the field.


    ACD Direct
    Contract Agent

    Incoming calls.
    Must have high speed internet access and certain computer requirements.
    Paid per minute on phone.


    Brighten Communications

    Pays $12 to $16 per hour.

    --Brighten is looking for callers with previous telemarketing and cold calling experience.
    --Internet access with a dependable computer running Windows 98 or later.
    --You will need a good working phone line (not cell phone) and have an unlimited flat rate long distance plan on your phone.
    --You will need a quiet working environment.
    --You may work as few as 20 hours weekly or as many as 30-40.  Hours available depend upon your stats and Brighten's workload.


    Live Opps

    Both inbound and outbound call positions available. Beginners start with inbound calls.

    Equipment required.
    You pay for background check and credit.

    Good resource for more info:



    Inbound calls. Email to request employment opportunity information.


    On Point
    *Highly recommended from WAHM moms


    All work-at-home agents must have a land-line phone, high-speed Internet access (such as DSL or cable), and a Windows-based PC (Windows 2000 or newer) in order to be considered a qualified agent.

    All positions are campaign-based and range from 2 weeks to 12 weeks. Contractors are paid on a weekly basis, with paychecks usually arriving within a week via United States Postal Service.


    OPK Telemarketing

    Let Us Hear From You
    OPK Telemarketing Services is always excited to hear from hardworking self-starters with sales experience in a variety of fields.  If you have a business background, good computer skills and great communication skills, we want to learn more about you.


    New Prospect
    Inbound and outbound calling.

    • 1-2 years exp. in Microsoft Office, word and excel
    • Must be able to maneuver through the internet in a timely manner.
    • Multi-Task
    • Telemarketing exp. a plus
    • Computer
    • Windows XP or Windows 2000
    • High Internet Access
    • No barking dogs or crying babies

    Fill out this application and send a follow up email to; and let us know that you have filled out the employment application.


    Telereach Corporate



    TeleReach Corporate, based in Houston, is a business development, appointment setting, lead generation and information gathering company.


    Who can apply:

    We are looking for people who already have cold calling, tele-prospecting, outside sales or appointment setting experience. In order to be considered for employment you must NOT live outside the USA.


    Equipment required: 
    *Land line telephone with unlimited long distance 
    *A tape recorder 
    *MS Office Word and Excel (No trial versions) 
    *A computer with sound card 
    *25MB e-mail account 
    *High speed internet access (dial up will not work to access our system) 
    *A stand alone fax machine recommended



    Follow the instructions at the website.

    Requirements (from site):

    • Good communications skills
    • Basic typing and personal computer skills
    • An IBM compatible personal computer (Pentium III processor or greater)
    • A Windows operating system (98/XP/2000/NT)
    • A working printer with ink and paper attached to your computer
    • A color monitor (800 x 600 16 bit high color or greater)
    • 100 MB of hard disk space available
    • 64 MB of RAM
    • A CD-Rom
    • A DSL/Cable modem
    • A quiet work area without interruptions
    • A social security card and current state issued photo ID



    Offers different jobs to apply for.


    • Quiet office setting
    • A personal computer running Microsoft 2000 or Microsoft XP
    • Microsoft Word, Excel and a working printer
    • Reliable DSL or Cable HIGH SPEED internet access (dialup or satellite not acceptable)
    • AOL Instant Messenger account
    • A second phone line
    • Visit job description for all requirements



    West offers at home phone jobs taking orders for some big companies and informercials.

    Equipmet required.
    Paid per time on the phone.
    Quiet location required.


    Work at Home Agent

    Hiring mainly for weekends. You are an independent contractor, and are required to fill out a registration form.

    Testing required. Click here for pay information.


    World News

    They offer employment opportunities for web developers & programmers to work on and associated sites.



    "You will be proofing the content of books for errors generated during our processing using an Internet browser-based interface.

    We require that candidates have English as their primary, native language, have a high attention to detail, and a broadband Internet connection. We'll ask you to take a quick literacy test using our automated sign-up system when you click on the sign-up link below. Otherwise, advanced computer and English skills (such as proofreading or copyediting) will be benefits for going faster and making more money. Your personal computer system must have:

    • A broadband Internet connection,
    • Acrobat Reader (free from Adobe), and
    • FireFox Internet Browser (free from Mozilla)"


    Writers Relief

    Hiring proofreaders. Expect to take an exam.



    Various jobs based on locations and projects available.



    They hire teachers and experienced tutors to do online tutoring.



    Job Requirements:

    • You need to have a current teaching certification. (A previous certification will only be considered if the certification has lapsed, not if the certification was revoked.)
    • You should be comfortable using computers, and have a current Windows-based PC.
    • Broadband access to the Internet (DSL, cable modem, or ISDN) from your home is required



    They hire a limited amount of tutors at $10 an hour.



    How does Kaplan select its tutors?
    Not everyone who can provide the focused instruction and personal attention of a private tutor can teach a large class; and, conversely, not everyone who can teach a large class makes a good tutor. Kaplan's high standards require that we audition and train all of our promising applicants before assigning them to a class or individual student. Those who make the cut can rest assured that they are following in the footsteps of the many Kaplan teachers and tutors who have delivered Kaplan's unequalled curriculum and methods with the clarity and passion that all of our students have come to expect.


    *Certified teachers only.
    *Tutor math, english, history, science, geography, algebra and chemistry.


    Online Tutor For Englsih
    Tutor online and via the phone

    To apply, you must be:

    • qualified to teach English and experienced
    • bilingual English teachers speaking your language to help you understand English instruction clearly.
    • must be a university graduate


    NRG Bridge

    From the site:  These are the qualities we look for in our applicants:

    • Successful experience as a teacher
    • A need to help others progress
    • Familiarity with several learning styles
    • Understanding of virtual learning technology
    • A positive and helpful attitude


    Tutor and help kids with homework online.

    Req: must live in the US or Canada and have graduated from college.


    AccuTran Global

    Applicants are welcome from any location worldwide.

    Jobs include:

    • Transcription
    • Translation
    • Proofreading & editing
    • Bookkeeping & Tax preparation (Vancouver only)


    American Express

    You will need to do a search, using the telecommutting option. Some jobs are location specific and may require travel.



    Offers different jobs and freelance opportunities. Some jobs, like Testing, can be done from home.

    They are also looking for FREELANCE TRANSLATORS and INTERPRETORS.


    New York Life Insurance

    To search for telecommuting jobs, use tele* in the search box.


    MT Training Classes

    If you are interested in MT, many companies require you to have training. Here are a few places to look into:

    AAMT (American Association for Medical Transciptionist):

    Career Step:


    Northeast Technical Institute:

    Research your options, compare costs and programs, and talk to alumni who have graduated from the above programs. Best of luck.


    Email them your resume.



    Cyber Dictate

    Requirements (from website):

    • Have minimum typing speed of 65 wpm
    • Able to commit to and meet work schedules as agreed upon in 2 week increment minimums
    • Consistently produce quality product under strict time constraints
    • Maintain computer hardware and software to comply with changing needs of CyberDictate clientele
    • A thorough working knowledge of processing digital audio files and software to support transcription of same
    • A thorough working knowledge of the Internet, including the use of e-mail, ftp sites, web browsing, etc.
    • You MUST have at least 2 years of recent and relative word processing or transcription experience



    Fantastic Transcripts

    Currently not hiring. Email them to be added to their contact list when work comes up.



    Mountain West

    Hire for three divisions:

    • Legal
    • Corporate
    • Medical

    Must have:

    • High Speed Internet Access
    • Dependable computer running Windows 2000 or XP
    • Good quality headset
    •  Excellent typing and proof reading skills.
    • Ability to turn around a 10 minute audio in 60 minutes or less. 
    • Available at least 10 hrs weekly.  Pref given to those available during the day M-F       
    • An FTP file transfer program installed and working.  
    • Microsoft Word. Other programs for word processing not acceptable.


    Medical Transcriptionist Info Site

    Mt Chat: A resource site for MT's, includes:

    *Message board
    *Glossary & Terms


    Northeast Transcription, Inc.

    • You must have a cable or DSL broadband internet connection. Dialup access is insufficient for our software.
    • NTI requires a minimum work week of 32 hours.
    • Test required
    • Benefits


    Speak Write

    Transcriptionist work.




    Be prepared to take their tests when you apply.




    Hires transcriptionists and translators.



    Executive Secretaries


    Hires Virtual Administrative Assistant positions, location specific. If you are qualified, apply online to get your application on file. Sign up for the employment bulletin to learn about new jobs.


    Virtual Assistant Network

    Learn more about becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA).




    Are you an expert in a specific area? If so, may need you! Visit their site for a list of available openings.



    Associated Content

    Associated Content

    Write, submit your work and get paid.



    Freelance work for:

    • Resumes
    • Essays
    • Document proofing


    Daily Updated Writing Leads

    Deborah Ng updates this site practically daily with writing job leads.



    Editors Ink

    Editor’s Ink is always looking for qualified freelance writers and editors to enhance and supplement our existing staff. We employ freelancers on an as-needed basis and those that demonstrate strong skills, attention to detail, and a willingness to accept new challenges will receive the majority of our outsourced projects.




    Site Editors: Site editors boast an expertise in a given subject matter and are responsible for writing and editing content for their sites. A site editor is asked to craft at least 20 articles per month (of approximately 650 words per article) and to edit incoming contributions. The site editor researches topics and helps guide the direction and structure of a particular LoveToKnow site. The site editor may also add images to the site, participate in design discussions and ensure the site is appropriately cross-linked.





    Write and sell essays. Pays $10 - $100.



    Resource for freelance work


    My Lot

    Get paid for posting.


    Online Juror

    Here are companies that are looking for online jurors to test cases before going to court.  Work is not guaranteed. Pay ranges from $10 to $60.


    US Monitor

    Base pay: $10 plus $0.25 for each piece
    Click here for more info.



    Yahoo Research

    From website:

    Help us shape the future of Yahoo! by joining our User Research program. Participants may receive $50 or more, depending on the type of research! Signing up takes only a few minutes.



    Comstock Cards

    Looking for writers, artists, photographers and new product ideas.


    Oatmeal Studios'sGuides/WG-Pg.htm

    Write for greeting cards!




    Telecommute Friendly Companies

    This website lists companies that allow their employees to telecommute. Many of them are not hiring for telecommute jobs.

    From Website:

    While many of our employees telecommute, we do not designate specific jobs as telecommuting jobs. The decision to telecommute is made jointly between an employee and his or her manager, based on the feasibility of performing the work from home and other factors. We suggest that you use our job-search system to apply for vacancies that interest you and indicate your interest in telecommuting on your resume.



    Telecommuting Moms

    Includes a message board and udpated job leads!
    Registration required.



    Telecommuting Message Board offers a great and active message board. Read through the archives for a ton of information.



    Work Place Like Home

    A message board with information on working from home. Find boards for the following companies:

    • West
    • Liveops
    • ACD Direct
    • Working Solutions
    • Alpine Access
    • Arise (previously Willow)
    • 800 Flowers
    • SCI
    • Xact
    • Coding, Transcription, and Data Entry
    • And more!


    Rat Race Rebellion

    This is a great resource for information and JOB LEADS . However, keep in mind the jobs are monitored, but not researched. Use your instinct when applying for a job. Never pay for a job. If you are unsure of a job, visit our message boards and ask!



    If a link no longer works, please let me know. Thank you!